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Impact of Specialized Services

Discover the transformative power of our services at Prime Medical Billing. Witness the compelling Prime Medical Billing results through our detailed comparison, showcasing a client's journey before and after engaging our services. Starting from January 1st, our graph reveals a consistent monthly reduction in Account Receivable (AR) days, reaching an impressive 16.2. This figure stands significantly below the national average of 30 days, indicating our commitment to rapid revenue cycle management.

Visual Proof of Success

Our comprehensive graph includes data from both patient and insurance payments, calculated over a span of 9 months. The national average range for AR days typically fluctuates between 30 to 70 days, depending largely on the provider type and payor mix. However, AR days exceeding 40 could suggest potential challenges in your medical billing experience or collection process - a problem we at Prime Medical Billing are adept at resolving. Leverage our expertise in medical billing, credentialing, and revenue management for optimized billing consulting. Connect with us today.

A graph showing the number of days in each month.