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Medical Billing Consulting Services

Prime Medical Billing is a leader in revenue cycle management. We provide quality medical billing services tailored to your needs. Our goal is to streamline your billing processes and maximize your revenue, letting you focus on what matters most - offering quality care to your patients.

Our Service Offerings

Charge Entry

Our expert team ensures the accurate entry of all charges, adhering strictly to CPT & ICD guidelines. We are well-versed in LCD & NCCI edits, guaranteeing the correctness of your billing codes and reducing the chances of claim denials.


Prime Medical Billing offers robust collections services, including a comprehensive follow-up and appeals process. We also handle patient collections, ensuring you get paid for the services you provide.

Monthly & Custom Reporting

We provide extensive monthly reporting, giving you a clear picture of your financial health. Need customized reports? We've got you covered. We offer custom reporting to fit your unique needs and preferences.


Credentialing and re-validations can be time-consuming. At Prime Medical Billing, we take care of these tasks for you. Our team ensures that all your credentialing needs are met promptly, making for smooth operations and uninterrupted service provision.

Revenue Management

We understand the importance of managing your revenue effectively. That's why we offer sophisticated revenue management services designed to enhance your financial performance.

Billing Consulting

Are you looking for expert advice to optimize your billing processes? Our experienced consultants are here to help. We offer billing consulting services to help you identify and address any challenges in your billing operations.

For more information about our services, feel free to connect with us.