A woman and a doctor looking at papers.

Our Company at a Glance

At Prime Medical Billing, our commitment revolves around catering to your billing and collection requirements with quality medical billing solutions. With over three decades of experience in billing and collections, our ultimate victory lies in ensuring your long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Key Solution Benefits

  • Analysis of your current accounts receivable status
  • Your choice of practice management software
  • Direct contact and always personal owner service
  • Fixed billing percentage - agreed in advance and not dependent upon income level
A group of people sitting at a table with papers and a tablet.
A doctor is holding his tablet in his hand.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

  • A medical billing practice with over 30 years of experience, certified by AAPC & RH-CBS
  • A free, no-obligation discussion about your practice requirements
  • The fair rate agreed upon in advance and not dependent on income level
  • Personal service
  • ICD and CPT expertise
  • Credentialing
  • Consulting
  • Detailed month-end reporting
  • Excellent customer service to you and your patients

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